10 pack Holi Hooray! Color Powder - "Backyard Bundle"

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Bring Holi to your backyard, classroom or block all spring-long! This assortment comes with 10, 70 gram packs. Each pack is a different color. Free shipping on ALL quantities of color powder. 

After creating the Holi Hooray! brand for our first-ever live event in NYC, we decided to make it simple for ALL families to celebrate in a way that feels authentic. 

What is it made of and is it safe?

It's made of cornstarch, in the USA. Completely non-toxic and kid safe. It feels like pixie dust! The color is so vibrant, the feel is super soft and GENTLE enough for a toddler. 

What about clean-up?

It comes off easily! The key is to shake off or wipe off as much as possible before applying water. The color comes out in the laundry with normal detergent but a white shirt might not be bleach bright white so encourage your guests to wear clothes they don't mind staining. If you're sitting in a car afterward, bring a towel just in case. 

How much do I need?

It all depends on the type of event and your vision for how messy everyone gets!

Each 70 gram pack should give you 12 fistfuls of powder. Try to think about how many packs you want to give each of your guests. So let's translate that for different scenarios:

Low key color play - We recommend 3 packs per person if you're just looking to snap a few pics and get some colorful pics. 

Hosting a party / color fight of adults - Estimate 5-6 packs per person. You don't want guests to feel like the fun ended too quickly! Choose our "Make it Rain" set of 100 packs for $105 or the 200 "Let's Do This" set for $189.

Record stop-motion video and tricks - Be liberal. Estimate generously. Remember that you'll only have one pack of pink, one pack of yellow, etc. 

 What about bulk orders?

The minimum for bulk orders is 300 packets. Just drop us a line at hello@umanistudio.com.