• Let's Make Rainbows Together

    It's time for Holi! Celebrate inclusivity with the festival of colors that originated in South Asia and the Caribbean...now enjoyed worldwide. Get outside, get messy and play carefree with our mom-endorsed, kid safe, color powder.

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  • Introducing "My First Ik Onkar"

    A playful re-imagination of an essential Sikh symbol that teaches: we're all one, from one creator. Designed by rising artist, Prabhjote Kaur.

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How Do You Bottle Up Mom?

How Do You Bottle Up Mom?

When you become a new parent, you also become a teacher...prepared or not. We discovered that families in the diaspora are searching for ways to pass on culture but don't feel equipped. Back in 2016, we set out to create toys and tools for the next generation.

We Started Small...

We Started Small...

A handmade set of Hindu deity flashcards inspired our first and most popular product. Everything we do is designed to help both kids and grown-ups be teachers and students through story and color.

Now We're Inspiring a Movement

Now We're Inspiring a Movement

After listening and learning from tens of thousands of loyal customers worldwide, we've expanded the way we help families play and share a piece of their identity with their communities.

About Jai Jai Hooray

  • Our Name

    "Jai Jai," pronounced jay jay, is a phrase used by Hindus to greet the Gods. We couldn't think of a better word than "hooray!" to capture the pure joy it conveys.

  • The Art

    All of our products were illustrated by Mumbai-based artist, Ajinkya Bane. We were immediately drawn to his vibrant, colorful style.

  • Our Quality

    We believe that design matters. Enjoy our smooth, matte finishes. We use heavy weight paper to withstand kiddo hands.