Indian Culture for Today's Kids

It's Hard to Teach and Learn Culture

It's Hard to Teach and Learn Culture

We talked to folks of Indian descent from Detroit to Delhi to Durban. As they start families--often a mash up of different cultures--they're eager for the BASICS.

Beautifully Simple, Traditions Made Modern.

Beautifully Simple, Traditions Made Modern.

Our mission is to create beautifully simple tools that introduce India to new audiences with modern flavor.
Discover our first tool--Jai Jai Hooray mythology flashcards.

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More About the Product

  • The Cards

    Jai Jai Hooray was illustrated by India-based artist, Ajinkya Bane. We were immediately drawn to his vibrant, colorful style. Our SAY-SEE-LEARN framework enables anyone to be a teacher or student.

  • The Name

    "Jai Jai," pronounced jay jay, is a phrase used by Hindus to greet the Gods. We couldn't think of a better word than "hooray!" to capture the pure joy it conveys.

  • The Box

    Inside our gorgeous handcrafted box, comes nine deities and one "design your own" character card. Printed on boardbook weight paper with matte finish. Cards measure 4" x 6" and box measures 4.5" x 6.5" x 1".