Hooray! Gift Bundle

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Give the gift of culture + design + play to someone you love. 

The combination of our signature flashcards and The Goddess Power Tower make an amazing gift for a new baby, birthday, or a "just because surprise" for a Goddess in your life.

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About the Flashcards

This set of flashcards puts a fresh face on the classic characters of Hindu mythology. The gorgeous hand crafted box contains nine deities and one "design your own" card. We use a simple SAY - SEE - LEARN framework so that anyone can be a student or a teacher. 

Includes 9 deities cards + 3 bonus "Design your Own" activity cards. 

Printed on board-book weight paper with matte finish. Cards are 4" x 6", box measures 4.5" x 6.5" x 1".

About the Goddess Power Tower

This set of 10 stacking blocks features some of the most iconic female figures in Hindu mythology. The base of the tower highlights Mahadevi who is said to be the sum of all goddesses. Inside of her are multiple personas--Durga, the warrior, Saraswati, the teacher, Parvati, the nurturer. Sounds like a mom, no?