A Toy that Teaches Girls and Boys About the Power of Mom

Who is a Mother? She is a Goddess.
The Goddess Power Tower celebrates the many-handed superhero we all love: mom!

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With Each Block, Build a Poem

With Each Block, Build a Poem

The Goddess Power is a set of stacking blocks that feature the most fierce female Goddesses from Hindu mythology. Our favorite part of the tower is the poem that unfolds as each block is stacked. It's an ode to mama, simple enough for kids to enjoy:

Lots of Hugs from Her Strong Arms
Mama is My Good Luck Charm
The Sun and Moon of our Family
Teaching and Singing Joyously
Fierce Like Her Lion Roars
Gentle LIke the Bath She Pours
Keeps the Monsters Away at Night
Mama Stays With Me 'til Light
Love to Dance, Love to Play
Jai Jai Hooray!

Meet The Goddesses

We profiled real women as each of the 9 deities from the Goddess Power Tower on Instagram. Follow us to see how we built the toy!