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It's Hard to Teach and Learn Culture

It's Hard to Teach and Learn Culture

Our mission is to create beautifully simple toys, tools and media that make introduce aspects of Indian culture to new audiences with a modern twist. We talked to parents from Delhi to Durban to Detroit. The common thread is that families want to stay culturally connected but need the BASICS.

About Jai Jai Hooray

  • Our Name

    "Jai Jai," pronounced jay jay, is a phrase used by Hindus to greet the Gods. We couldn't think of a better word than "hooray!" to capture the pure joy it conveys.

  • The Art

    All of our products were illustrated by Mumbai-based artist, Ajinkya Bane. We were immediately drawn to his vibrant, colorful style.

  • Our Quality

    We believe that design matters. Enjoy our smooth, matte finishes. We use heavy weight paper to withstand kiddo hands.